ornamental fish & aquatic plants farm

Snapirim Farm, is located in the heart of the green fields of Israel’s country side. The biologist Gal Herzog (PhD), had established the farm, out of his intense love for the fish hobby and thus fulfilled an old dream. The farm is a “one stop shop” and provides a comprehensive solution for the amateur fish hobbyist, as well as, the expert breeder.

Services we provide

Complete aquaponic, aquarium and fish pond design. installation and maintenance, with emphasis on planted aquariums.

Complementary services in design and planning for interior and landscape architects and garden designers.

Biological services for fish farms and biotechnology companies.

Lecturing, designing and guiding academic and educational research projects.

Planning, establish and accompaniment of ornamental fish stores and fish spa (Pedicure fish).

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חוות גידול דגי נוי

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